Mona Waterhouse transmutes universal ideas into tangible art. Her stunning and sophisticated works make a global statement not only regarding human rights and environmental issues but also on the very nature of being. Internationalism is inherent to the art work itself and its public reception.

Mona Waterhouse has received critical acclaim and awards. Many of her pieces can be seen in locations across the world. For the next two years her artwork will travel in Europe with an international exhibition. Her work has also been the subject of discussion in art books, journals and exhibition catalogues.

Encaustic and making paper by hand is a specialty of the artist. She often applies the encaustic to her own handmade paper, a unique and intricate practice. Other mixed media is used in the production of sculptures, fiber works, paintings and vessels.

Mona Waterhouse has spent years of studying, teaching and creating art. Her beautiful body of work originates from a deep well of knowledge and experience.

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